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Hello!  Welcome to our family of four. We live in Massachusetts with our two young kids, ages 4 and 2. Although we engage in a variety of biking adventures, our most common one is getting the kids back and forth to school.  Our daily commute to the kids’ school is about 6 miles by car or bike with a few small hills and bridges, but mostly flat terrain.  A bike path (rail trail) is about half of the commute.  The rest of the commute includes medium traffic roads or quiet back roads, as well as an optional short section through a town park.  The post office, hardware store, grocery stores, transfer station, CSA farm share pickup, and farmer’s market are all weekly events and transportation stops for us.  These stops take us through the center of our local towns every week.  Most days we take our station wagon to drop the kids off at school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon and run errands during that time.  Occasionally, we have been able to take the kids to school in our bike trailer, but it has not been a regular form of transport for us until recently. 

The local cycling community is vibrant and varied.  Bike trailers are a regular part of the landscape here, but thus far we have seen only one cargo bike, and it didn’t have anything being hauled on it.  We have started to take advantage of our excellent local cycling infrastructure to start routinely cycling for child-schlepping and other local errands.  

In addition to biking, we love backpacking, hiking, beach-going, traveling, and spending time on farms learning about nature, animals, plants, and where our food comes from.  We are interested in minimizing our need for automobiles, preferring to take the more scenic route by bicycle when conditions allow.  We also engage in occasional biking and backpacking trips with other families at various times throughout the year.

DISCLAIMER: These posts provide some of our own tips for bicycling with children.  Although it is my intention to assist other families that may want to pursue bicycle riding together, riding bicycles with children can be hazardous.  Children may get hurt in a variety of ways related to bicycle travel. Please take common-sense precautions whenever bicycling with your children.  These recommendations are provided for information purposes only.  I do not take any responsibility for an individual or a family using the information contained in this post or any other posts when applied to real world situations.


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